Evelyn Cotter

Preferred provider for:

Premera Blue Cross, Personal Auto Injury,
and L & I.

Welcome to Cotter Massage & Bodywork

The art of massage is probably as old as man himself. To hold or rub an injured part is a natural reaction to pain or discomfort. Mothers instinctively rub their child’s back to comfort them.

Today massage is an accepted part of many physical rehabilitation programs and has proven beneficial to many chronic conditions such as low back pain, arthritis, and bursitis.

Massage is an exceptional way of:

  • Relieving the stress and tension of everyday living.

  • Increasing circulation and nutrition to muscle tissue.

  • Flushing of toxins and boosting the immune system.

  • Release tension in the muscles and reduction of pain.

  • Increase feelings of relaxation, calming the nervous system, and mind creating a general feeling of comfort.

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